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Mr. Zych understands that legal matters can be overwhelming and takes the time needed to help all his clients understand their rights and issues affecting their case, providing a clear strategy for safeguarding these rights.  As a diligent advocate, he is meticulous about keeping his client informed about the details of their case as it evolves.  Mr. Zych guides his clients in making important decisions and prides himself on his pragmatic approach to litigation, with a keen understanding of when to fight and when to negotiate.  Mr. Zych will work with you to seek an amicable resolution to complex legal issues, when appropriate.
Mr. Zych’s clients appreciate his zealous advocacy and benefit from his extensive experience representing clients in a wide variety of legal matters.
Having a school teacher and a police officer as parents, Mr. Zych appreciates how hard people work to provide for their families.  He is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients and achieving the best possible outcome for their unique needs.  Mr. Zych is skilled at finding positive resolutions even in the midst of the most challenging legal issues.

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